List of NAS storage manufacturing vendors!

Network Attached Storage widely known as NAS has become most sort after storage equipment among small and medium scale businesses. This is because of the fact that these appliances offer utmost reliability factor and that too on an economic note.

Besides providing a way to store and share data on a network, many NAS devices also offer additionally as server nodes. As almost all NAS products on the market support UPnP and DLNA, they are also being used as multimedia servers. The user needs to just store multimedia content such as video on a Network Attached Storage platform, and DLNA and UPnP supported clients can stream that data.

As applications are becoming more innovative, NAS appliances are also useful in functioning as iTunes, Print Servers, email or lightweight database servers.

Photographers and Videographers are not only using NAS storage appliances as just storage devices, but are also using them for both backup and data recovery options.

In enterprise environments, where managing large quantities of unstructured data within a single namespace is highly required, scalable NAS appliances prove essential. Generally, these types of storage requirements are found in media and entertainment fields.

No matter, in which environment is the NAS appliances being deployed, it should fulfill the following basic aspects

  • The setup of it must be simple and must be headache free
  • It should have good write and read performance
  • It should have features that aid in doing the things users want in a NAS- share files, backup data from Windows, Mac and Linux machines, or offer some cloud service for storage and backup.
  • Have good data redundancy and protection options
  • Offer security with data encryption and user access control feature.
  • Ship with well-written documentation and offer 24/7 after support

So, here’s the list of companies offering NAS storage appliances for enterprise applications of small and medium scale businesses.

  1. LenovoEMC Network Storage
  2. Buffalo Americas TeraStation
  3. StoneFly SSO
  4. Synology Disk Station
  5. QNAP Turbo NAS
  6. Seagate business storage
  7. StoneFly TSO
  8. Western Digital
  9. Netgear ReadyNAS
  10. Drobo NAS
  11. Infortrend
  12. LaCie
  13. Netgear
  14. Promise Technology
  15. Synology

Find any company missing?

Please notify it to us through comments section below.

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