Be aware of these cyber security predictions for 2016!

Human lives are depending a lot on digital world these days and internet is playing a crucial role in making it available to the core. As digital services usage is increasing, the need to protect the information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.

Therefore, here are the top cyber security predictions for this year from our StorageServers-

US 2016 elections can be hacked and rigged- A security expert from Resilent Systems has issued a warning that US 2016 elections which are carried out in digital format can be hacked or rigged. Also bots can be hired by politicians for like-jacking, share-jacking and comment spamming. Voters can see a lot of emails in their “Inboxes” which may be supporting or demeaning certain candidates. Some people may also see positive comments on their social media accounts on candidates that they would never support.

Security fear for Internet of Things (IoT)- Big data and IoT are going to be the buzz words of this year and this was predicted by Gartner in 2015. TrendMicro has issued a warning that security fears may increase for IoT as hackers can exploit the vector of all the connected devices and could manipulate their settings for spamming networks. FireEye also points out the fact that hackers could hold some of these devices for ransom. Although, the threat may not be as it is proclaimed, it still has the potential to induce security fears. What if a hacker attacks a corporate network via a connected but so called secure Printer or other device in enterprise environment?

Mobile Payments– Hackers are always on the prowl for quick cash and mobile payment apps will be their top target in this year. Since, the use of mobile payment applications are expected to rapidly increase in 2016, don’t be surprised if you hear of a major hack related to it. In 2015, when the news on mobile payment apps turned into a media buzz, Kaspersky issued a warning that this app can do more harm than good. So, You’ve been warned already!

Extortion/Ransom ware- In the past couple of years, Ransom ware has made a number of people’s lives miserable. Cryptolocker is the best example, where money was extorted in an innovative way. The concept is simple- Ransom-malware holds a person’s PC files hostage until the attacker is paid a specific amount. The moment, the hacker receives that payment the files which were locked from access are opened to the user.

Trend Micro calls it as “The Year of Online Extortion”. Attackers may demand individuals, companies, or institutions do what they desire and if not, the attackers will play havoc with victims’ digital files by incriminating or exposing sensitive information. Companies may be threatened with losing secret information, others may be threatened with having customer account information released, and others may also be told that if they don’t change certain policies, bad things will happen. Some attackers may use these threats to make money, but others have more ideological demands.

Kaspersky foresees ransom ware used on ‘Internet of Things’, such as cars, TVs, and refrigerators. It’s possible, but a lot of work will be involved with very little return. May be we may see car brakes being manipulated randomly, unless a good amount of ransom is paid. Other threats could be used to manipulate political candidates.

So, please do not say that you were not warned about these consequences.


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