Capacity and Performance factors drive SAN Storage systems purchase!

Storage managers are well aware of the fact that demand of storage capacity in developing business environments is inevitable. This ideology gets further support from the latest IDC survey, which concluded that 66% of potential SAN storage system buyers agree that capacity demand was the main reason for SAN shopping.

The survey further revealed that despite a whooping 464TB of SAN and NAS capacity presence in enterprises, the IT support teams were still looking to add 267TB of new SAN capacity in order to keep on with their enterprise’s year over year data storage capacity growth of 24%.

But the need for storage space is only part of the story, as half of those surveyed cited the need for performance and speed, which they hope their new SANs will provide to boost the performance of existing applications.

Making no mistake- storage offering vendors are doing their best to keep up with the demand for capacity and performance driven SAN storage equipment. They are offering appliances which are loaded with technologies such as Solid state drives, thin provisioning, storage virtualization, storage tiering, dedup/compression and cloud integration for backup and disaster recovery.

Thus, appliances enriched with these technologies not only score perfect on capacity scale, but also on performance scale.

The survey also revealed the fact that SAN storage systems purchase is also being influenced by Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocol support. For environments which need high end performance, FC is said to be the right choice. And for businesses which do not have the budget to spend and are interested in rely on Ethernet, iSCSI SAN is proving as right choice.

As one might expect, database apps lead the way when it comes to how new SANs will be used, with storage to support virtual servers as the next most popular choice.

So, for those who are planning to purchase a SAN on capacity and performance requirements, StoneFly offers Integrated Storage Concentrator product family which offers cost effective iSCSI and Optional Fibre Channel SAN Solution for small offices, remote sites, branch offices, and first time SAN deployments.

With RAID protection and redundant components, ISC 6GS-Class series of SAN appliances offer an ideal platform for applications ranging from Storage Consolidation, Virtual Server Storage, Disaster Recovery, Disk-Based Backups and more.

StoneFly ISC 6GS-Class family of SAN products offer large storage capacities at a low price and are available in 6Gb SATA, SAS or SSD combinations of 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, or 36 drives per base unit.

Additionally, ISC 6GS-Class SAN appliances 12-bay and larger offer the industry’s most cost-effective expansion via 12-bay, 16-bay or 24-bay expansion units for up to 256 drives.

Data techniques like thin provisioning, tiered storage architecture, snapshot schedule utility, automated online volume and storage expansion services are achievable with StoneFusion operating system which is running StoneFly SAN appliances.

Thus, StoneFly ISC ends the quest of all those who are on a constant search for capacity and performance driven SAN appliances.


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