DNF Corporation offers supportive data storage for banking and finance sector!

Banking sector has undergone seismic changes in last few years and this includes dwindling customer satisfaction to more exacting government oversight. Thus, by focusing on customer personalization and centricity, compliance management, risk management, and big data analysis; banks can reinvent their businesses and take advantage of new marketplace opportunities.

In order to achieve all which is said above, Banks need to have-

  • The ability to use data in real time to measure efficiency, analyze risk and thwart fraud.
  • Should have integration across the entire IT infrastructure, providing a “single view of truth” so that customers can be offered personal products and services, improving customer loyalty.
  • Must have compliance with expanding government regulations and customer information privacy laws

DNF Corporation (Dynamic Network Factory) offers storage for banking needs. The storage will provide the following benefits-

  • Insures secure data access for regulatory compliance
  • Efficiently stores, retains and protects vital financial information and customer data
  • Insures security and privacy of customer information through encryption technologies
  • Provides real time or near real time access to information for deep analytics
  • Enables enterprise information integration to support customer personalization
  • Reduces the volume of banking data through real time data compression

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. wants to enable traders, fund managers, and analysts to see the market faster and to crunch decision-driving analytics with the latest software.

DNF provides a full host of IT Services and Consulting, along with integrated, reliable, future-ready NAS, SAS, and iSCSI storage solutions and workstations for banks and financial institutions.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or fill in the form available in the following link to get a call from an expert


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