Microsoft to start pushing its Windows 10 to users on a forcible note

Microsoft (MS) may start pushing its new Windows 10 operating system to its users from February second week this year and that too on a forcible note. Factually speaking, time has come for the software giant to make its new OS a forcible update for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

The company is said to have decided to make Win 10 as a “Recommended update” to all its users who haven’t upgraded to the new operating system from February this year.

Last year in January 2015, the American software giant disclosed to the world that it’s going to offer a windows 10 free upgrade to current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for a period of one year.

From March to June 2015, The Redmond based company began to seed some of the PCs eligible for the free upgrade win an application dubbed “GWX” aka Get windows 10. The application was secretly seeded onto Win 7 and 8.1 users and was kept hidden till August 2015.

After July 29th, 2015 i.e. after the official release of Windows 10, Microsoft started to deliver its operating system to almost all of its win 7 & 8.1 users. The 3GB file started to download on an automatic note and most of the users who had a data cap, found that their data was being used by a secret application and thought it was a malware.

After reports emerged on social media and Reddit about the secret update of Windows 10, the Washington based giant disclosed to the world, that there was an issue with its Windows 10 upgrade servers as they were upgrading the Operating System on an automatic note to the entire previous OS version users of its company.

It requested the users who were not interested in the upgrade to kindly customize their “Update” settings and move from auto update status.

In October 2015, Microsoft released an official update that it has over 100 million devices running on Windows 10.

Also it disclosed to the world that its aim was to load Windows 10 OS on more than 1 billion devices by 2018.

From February 2016, the company has decided to start pushing its new OS to all windows 7 and 8.1 platforms in a bid to reach its “1 billion” device target as soon as possible. The update will reach the Windows 7 and 8.1 users “Windows update” box as a “Recommended” upgrade.

Now our StorageServers comment– After the release of Windows 10, the media started to buzz with various security and privacy concerns about the new OS. These concerns led win 7 & 8.1 users to ignore Windows 10 platform till date. But truly speaking, there is no way to avoid this platform for Windows OS patrons. If not now, it can be next year or there after.

In future, things will turn up in such a way that all Microsoft OS users like XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1 have to upgrade to Windows 10 platform at any cost.

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