DNF Security offers Cloud storage for wireless security cameras!

Wireless Security Surveillance cameras are useful in situations where it is difficult to lay power and internet cables. Generally, these kinds of environments are found in heritage buildings, museums, industrial plants etc where cable lay out may disturb the functional ecosystem of the place, prove costly or cause damage to the infrastructure.

So, depending on a wireless surveillance system not only proves cost effective when compared to wired networks, it is also easy to install and maintain. Moreover, the wireless security surveillance are extremely innovative, as the deployed system can be moved from one place to other without worrying if cable/network jack is available at the new location.

Now, coming to the main article, let us suppose, a user is deploying a wireless surveillance camera in an environment and wants to record the video evidence to a secured media. (These days, cameras are coming equipped with a SD card, which acts like an on-board storage and records the video when the web connectivity is down. Again when the connection is up it then streams the video to the storage platform).

DNF Security is one such company which offers powerful IP video surveillance management systems coupled with advanced storage solutions. The company which is a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory offers cloud storage which offers as an IP Storage platform for the video evidence to be recorded from the wireless surveillance cameras.

DNF Security Cloud Connection not only acts as a video archival solution for mission critical video evidence, but if the user needs can be tweaked as a storage platform for wireless monitoring cameras.

DNF Cloud Connections are hosted in Microsoft Azure (Public Cloud) and based on user needs can also be hosted in a private cloud such as StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Cloud Connection



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