StoneFly offers private cloud service for enterprises!

Security and Privacy factors are often seen impeding the business of public clouds and this is where the value of private clouds emerges out. On that account, all those enterprises who want their data stored in a private cloud and have full control over it can rely on the services of StoneFly Cloud Business center.

StoneFly Cloud Business Center offers hosting powers to organizations which are looking for IP Storage Platforms. This private cloud storage can be used for backup and disaster recovery and can also prove as an inexpensive offsite backup.

The said platform allows users to easily add mass amounts of storage to workstations, or servers in a matter of minutes all without any investment in new servers and storage appliances.

StoneFly Private Cloud has data hosted in world class USS and USS-HA appliances which are enriched with high performance features which include Dual-Hexa core storage virtualization engines, hot swappable disk drives, hardware RAID with cache battery backup for protection against disk failures, redundant hot swappable power supply modules and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load balancing to maximize system up-time and allow the users get unfettered access to the service of cloud storage.

What’s best is that users need to pay for the storage they are using, which is similar to that of a public cloud payment concept.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly private Cloud


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