Will US follow Briton’s new rule of enterprise bosses spying on staff Emails, Facebook and WhatsApp messages?

European Government after learning about United States internet surveillance program applied it to the populace of its own region in the name of National Security. This was done certainly with some stipulations which are not available to US populace.

Now, according to the new European law, enterprise bosses can have the right to sneak into their employers Facebook, Twitter, Google and WhatsApp account during work hours.

The new law was formulated after a ruling in which a Romania company was legally endorsed for spying on personal messages one of its engineers, sent over Yahoo Messenger whilst he was supposed to be working.

The man – who had been talking to his brother and his fiancée about ‘very intimate’ issues including his se#ual health – was fired for breaking company rules which barred staff from making personal use of work resources.

Yesterday, legal experts warned employees in Britain that they should now work on the assumption that their employers could be monitoring all of their online activity whilst on duty.

And – in a move that will alarm millions of workers across the country – they also cautioned staff not to send personal information on smart phones, computers or iPads provided to them by their employer – even after work.

Claire Dawson, acting head of employment at the law firm Slater and Gordon, added: ‘This ruling related to personal use of company systems, so we are potentially looking at Facebook and other social media.”

Ms. Dawson added that all those employees working for European firms will have to be aware that if they have a company device, their employer may have the right to spy on their activity on the device which includes what they do outside working hours and what they sent and received via emails and chats.

Therefore, the safest way to get isolated from any trouble is to stay away from messaging, picture sharing or communication platforms during office hours and on office gadgets.

Many companies already monitor staff activity online on a routine basis, by reading work emails, social media postings, logging employees’ keystrokes and tracking the web pages they visit.

Often they simply want to make sure they catch any staff that is breaking the law, looking at p##n, or putting the company at risk by sharing confidential commercial information like selling sales leads to competitors.

Firms also look for signs that staff may be considering leaving – either because they are visiting job websites, or through much more subtle clues such as referring to the company as ‘they’ rather than ‘we’ in emails—-that’s officially restricted in many parts of the world as well.

This sort of monitoring is allowed, as long as the staff is warned in writing – for example in the small print if their employment contract.

However, those screeching for privacy don’t see this new European law as a justified means.

A Boss spying on an employee’s activity means that they are inducing fear into their staff members that they do not trust them.

In an employees point of view- this law is insane. But in an employer’s point of view, this law can help him/her to isolate their businesses from any kind of troubles like employee vengeance or from an employee’s unfaithfulness.

So, will USA follow the same to protect those doing businesses in their region?

Please share your views through the comments section below

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