IDC confirms that US consumers have started falling for Windows 10

Microsoft will feel happy on knowing the results of the latest survey conducted by renowned research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). The American market research and analysis firm has recently confirmed in its survey stats that US consumers have started falling for its new Windows 10 OS.

As per the survey numbers, about 30% of the survey respondents who confirmed they had a Windows PC said they were running Windows 10, compared to approximately 27% who tapped Windows 8/8.1 and 28% who named Windows 7.

The online survey was conducted in September 2015 for IDC by Survata, and included the opinion of around 1K respondents using Windows OS loaded PC’s in its poll.

However, the usage share reported by other Internet analytics resources did not match what IDC has quoted. For instance, Irish based firm StatCounter pegged Windows 10 September’15 usage share in US as 9% of all OSes- which is less than a third of what IDC has suggested recently.

Another source, the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) put Windows 10 Sep’15 usage share at a slightly higher 9.2% of all operating systems. DAP collects visits on more than 4K websites on over 400 different domains maintained by US Government Agencies. This includes US Citizenship and Immigration Services that attract Non-US Residents.

Coming back to IDC’s survey, only 7% of them agreed that they bought a retail copy of Windows 10 and used it on a clean install. While the same percentage said that they’d gotten Windows 10 on a new PC they had bought or been given. This clearly means that the rest of the percentages were the ones who went for a free upgrade.

Factually speaking, all Windows operating system users do not have a choice in future other than going for Windows 10.

Either they have to upgrade to Windows 10 from a windows 7 or 8.1 laptops or have to go for a PC preloaded with Win 10 or a new retail copy of the said OS.

This is due to the fact that one day or the other Microsoft will pressurize its patrons of previous versions (by some means) to either migrate to new OS or make their systems vulnerable to security and malware issues.

So, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Users have no other choice except to accept the new roll out of Microsoft at any cost.


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