Microsoft is not shutting down XBox 360 servers in November 2016!

Microsoft the world renowned software giant has released a media update saying that it has no intentions to shut down its Xbox 360 servers in November 2016. Reciprocating to rumors which emerged on Reddit, the company announced on an official note that XBox 360 launched way back in 2005 still has a long way to go.

It’s a known fact that Microsoft is pursuing a very aggressive strategy to move people from older versions of Windows to Windows 10. Based on this theory, from the past two weeks, there were rumors that Microsoft was planning to stop the support for Xbox 360, in order to push its gaming patrons to its new XBox One.

But Phil Spencer, the head of XBox division of Microsoft quashed these rumors as baseless and officially confirmed on twitter that his company won’t end the support in November’16.

Hope, all those XBox game lovers will feel happy with this news!


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