The world’s first 13TB SSD has arrived!

Solid State Drives score high on performance scale when compared to hard drives. But when the capacity factor is taken into account, hard drives surpassed their flash siblings all these days.

However, the situation is said to change in this year, as Japan based company “FixStars” has released a sample of world’s first 13TB SSD very recently. The company has also disclosed that it has intentions to offer the 13TB flash drive on a commercial note by this year end.

All these days, only 8TB hard drives were available in the commercial market. In year 2017, Seagate and Western Digital have promised to launch helium filled 10TB drives on a commercial note.

But now, Japanese firm FixStars is going to re-write the history by releasing a 13TB SSD, the largest Solid state drive in capacity till date. The drive will be available in 100mmx70mmx15mm in case.

Currently, users only have the choice of buying a SSD of 4.6 TB capacity from SanDisk and Intel.

FixStars has disclosed that its 13 TB drive will use Toshiba’s 15nm MLC NAND and a SATA 3.0 interface for speeds of up to 580 MB/s read and 520MB/s write.

For comparison sake, FixStars has made it official that the drive will have capacity to store 823 hours of H.256 compressed 4K video.

But on economic scale, if the current price of NAND per gig is taken into consideration, then FixStars 13TB SSD will cost a whooping $13,000 when released.

More details are awaited!


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