Are Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup same?

Cloud Computing has made our interaction with digital content so simple that we are almost getting addicted to its usage. Truly speaking, cloud makes it easy to move data between gadgets, share files, photos and videos with friends, family and co-workers, stream music and movies, backup info, and so on.

However, cloud services aren’t created equal. Some are better for one thing than another, and that’s just the case with cloud storage vs cloud backup.

Cloud storage is nothing but an online resource where one can upload documents, music, photos, and all other info on it. It acts as a sharing platform between your gadgets or with other people. Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive all fit into the genre of cloud storage on a perfect note. The said services offer anywhere from 5GB to 15GB of storage space for free and if the user desires, they can go for more capacity on premium. Google Drive offers unlimited free storage capacity to all its users who would like to store photos and videos on its platform.

Now coming back to the concept of cloud storage, users find it easy to move files to the cloud services. They do it either from a browser based control panel or a computer program to just drag and drop the files. And nowadays, services offered by cloud storage providers like Microsoft integrate with mobile gadgets by default.

Nonetheless, the one mistake people do while adopting for the service offering is to use cloud storage for backup on computers.

Infact, they treat cloud storage like a second hard drive. They will move files to their account and delete the one on their computer or gadget to save space. Or they will update one version of file and will fail to update it with a newer version.

If the cloud service goes down for any reason (for example Nirvanix and Mega upload) then the whole of data of the user gets lost.

On the other note, if user’s PC dies, they will still have the copy of your file in the cloud. If it is not the latest version, then things may turn sore.

Cloud Backup, on the other hand, creates a copy of your file in the cloud. In this process, if your PC or service goes down, the latest version will be available somewhere. And because the cloud backup service provider stores files in multiple location, it is immune to local disasters and thefts.

In cloud storage the user needs to manually backup the latest version of file to the IP Storage platform; whereas, in case of cloud backup, everything takes place in an automated way.

A cloud backup uploads all recent versions of important files and even detects when files change and backs up the new version in an automated way.

The only thing the user needs to do is to follow the backup policy of the service provider.

However, cloud backup doesn’t allow sharing of files with other people as letting them do changes to the composure of the file.

StoneFly, Inc. is one such company which offers backup and storage services for enterprise businesses. Its StoneFly CDR365 is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

Users can schedule their automated backups to avail continuous data protection. The data will be highly secured during transaction and will be totally isolated from unauthorized access.

A cloud storage calculator is being provided on the website of StoneFly. This will help in knowing your storage costs well in advance.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Cloud CDR365 Backup


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