Evaluation criterion for Video Management Software

Video Management Software (VMS) allows a user to record and view live videos from multiple security cameras-either IP or analog cameras driven by encoders. Additionally, it also helps users to get an alert, to control cameras and retrieve recordings from an archiving repository.

As VMS technology has evolved in the past couple of years the software is also allowing live monitoring, as well as in investigative and forensic purposes, using archived footage.

Technically speaking a VMS meant to manage IP video is available in three forms-

  • Software only
  • Software loaded on a hardware appliance and in
  • Hybrid DVR form which is basically a DVR with additional software to manage IP equipment

Therefore, here are the points which have to be kept in mind while shopping for video management software-

  • Vendors are nowadays offering video management software designed specifically for different verticals such as banking, retail, transportation etc. Thus, before shopping for a VMS, please make a note of your needs.
  • If you need license plate or facial recognition, then go for video management software which also has analytics feature.
  • The VMS must integrate with third party systems, such as access control, building automation, alarm management, video analytics and more. Therefore, go for the software which has this integration ability.
  • The software must have motion detection ability. That means it must induce the instinct of recording into the security camera, as soon as the camera detections motion. This feature will help the user in saving a lot of video storage.
  • VMS must be customizable and must have resizable viewing panes
  • The video management software must have user interface features that include hot spot windows, color indicated activity, instant replay, quick switching between cameras etc.
  • It must have privacy zones (like changing rooms or washrooms) to protect sensitive areas from being monitored
  • The software must help in controlling the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom
  • It must have multichannel playback, which allows users to play recorded video from several cameras at a time. This feature will prove useful, when we are tracking down an intruder’s whereabouts.
  • Multiple search devices, including fast forward, reverse, thumb nail view, time line bars, bookmarking etc must also be available in VMS.
  • It must offer secure export of material evidence
  • Must have failover capability that enables continued recording if the primary server goes down

Software only vs. appliance

As said in initial lines of the article, users might get confused while taking a decision on whether to go for video management software and load it on a video server or go for an appliance which has a pre-loaded VMS- such as an NVR.

According to Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of DNF Security more advanced users will typically opt for software only solution, while those aren’t comfortable doing setup and configuration will choose an appliance loaded with software.

VMS vs Hybrid DVR

Some DVR vendors are selling software that enables their devices support both IP cameras and directly connected analog cameras. Most video management software available today support analog cameras provided the cameras are being supported by encoders to translate the analog signal to digital.

Users going for hybrid DVRs can use both analog and IP in their surveillance environments. These devices offer enterprise-level functionality, such as centralized management and third-party system support that, in some cases, is superior to what VMSes vendors, especially in the area of access control. Therefore, users who are having analog cameras in their surveillance deployments and who want to include IP cameras can go for the services of a Hybrid DVR.

Now, to those who want everything as a bundled service, please approach DNF Security. This company offers NVRs, video management systems and video servers compatible with industries leading video management software’s like Aimetis, Genetec, Luxriot, Avigilon, OnSSI, Indigo Vision and Milestone Systems. Customers need to choose a video management system according to their surveillance needs and DNF’s expert team will help them with the selection of video management software.


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