Cloud adoption in Europe hit by privacy and Safe Harbor nullification concerns

Cloud storage has increased all throughout the world. But European populace has failed to embrace it on a complete note due to Privacy and Safe Harbor nullification concerns.

Market Research Company IDC forecasts that in Western Europe, public and private cloud storage will grow from 29% of the total storage market value in 2014 to almost 60% by 2019.

But the growth is not going at the same pace as it is picking up in United States. This is despite the fact that cloud storage providers should host the generated content by the local populace on local servers- as per the European data protection directive under International Safe harbor Privacy Principles.

Carla Arend, programme director for IDC’s European storage and cloud research, concludes that the demand for Hybrid cloud storage is high in Europe. In this cloud storage practice certain data is stored on premises to ensure ownership and control for regulatory compliance due to security concerns.

So why do European individuals and organizations seem more wary of cloud storage than their US peers?

For many, the answer lies in differing attitudes to personal and data privacy, a difference that has been brought into sharp focus by the Snowden leaks and the European Court of Justice ruling in 2015 that Safe Harbor is incompatible with the European Data Protection Directive.

So, how should the cloud companies from US flourish in business in the region of Europe?

Please share your viewpoints through comments section below.


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