Samsung has started production of HBM2 DRAM chips

Samsung Electronics has made an official announcement that it has started the production of new DRAM chips, which have more than seven times the data processing speed of the current flock.

The new DRAM chips called HBM2 DRAM are 4 gigabyte versioned and have double speeds than previous HBM DRAM that was produced in 2013.

HBM2 DRAM chips can be used for high performance computing such as parallel computing, graphics rendering and machine learning where global IT companies pouring resources.

Samsung gained success with new DRAM by applying advanced packing technology, called Through Silicon Via or TSV. It punches fine holes in chips and vertically connects their electrodes for higher efficiency.

Samsung is planning to offer 8 Gigagbyte HBM2 DRAM within the first half of this year. It will be an ideal hardware to support tasks which require high level graphical computing.



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