StoneFly Storage Gateway will offer the following benefits

StoneFly Storage Gateway is software loaded flash appliance which helps in transferring data from on-premises appliances to Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This appliance proves helpful when tons of data has to be transferred from an enterprise data center to cloud storage platforms.

StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with flash cache when installed on a user’s local network helps in expanding storage on fly.

This appliance not only caches data before it is sent to cloud, but also helps in caching hot data that is being used on a frequent note. It helps in greatly improving read performance and speeds up access to data as the same files do not have to be repeatedly downloaded from the cloud to a user’s local system, thereby reducing overall demand on bandwidth.

In enterprise environments where bandwidth is being shared by other applications, a StoneFly Storage Acceleration Gateway can prove as a boon as it stores all the generated data on its platform and when the bandwidth is freely available( such as at night time)

For data replication to Microsoft Azure cloud, backup and disaster recovery needs and for corporate file sharing Storage Acceleration Gateway appliance from StoneFly can be used.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Cloud Drive web link


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