Microsoft to donate $1 billion of cloud services to non profit organizations

Microsoft has made it official yesterday that it plans to donate $1 billion in cloud services over next three years to non-governmental organizations and researchers, in a bid to provide access to services to communities that can’t afford.

Trade analysts feel that these kind of donations actually bring in long-term business benefits, as it would help the company win over a number of potential long-term users(free cases –what for?) to its cloud platform and will simultaneously gain some tax rebates for business.

At the World Economic Forum held in between 20-23 January’16 at Davos, Switzerland, Microsoft CEO was cornered with a question that cloud technology was only available to wealthy societies and they were the only ones who were enjoying the benefits by having access to the data, intelligence, analytics and insights from cloud computing.

This made Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announce a $1 billion USD donation of cloud services to non profit organizations. Also, the CEO of the software giant disclosed to the world about the new Microsoft’s Philanthropic arm of the company, set up last month.

The company will work on nonprofits with the full suite of Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, so that NGOs can run applications and make use of computing and storage power along with CRM online to manage relationships with donors and beneficiaries, and the enterprise mobility suite to manage all of their devices, applications and data.

Microsoft aims to address 70,000 NGOs through one or more of its cloud offerings by the end of 2017 and will focus on serving even more groups after that every year.

The American company expects to donate close to $350 million in cloud services to non-profits.

Microsoft has been pushing its cloud services around the world, including setting up data centers in some countries to meet local government requirements that data should be stored locally.

With its latest announcement the company has started to unleash its philanthropic facet to the world.

What do you think on this latest move of Microsoft?

Share your views in the comments section below.


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