Quick analysis of advantages and disadvantages of SSDs & HDDs!

SSD vs. HDD debate is going strong from past two years and still there’s a lot of confusion on which is best for enterprise storage environment. Below is a table which differentiates the pros and cons of Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives.


Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives Advantages and Disadvantages






Solid State drives







1.) Maintains performance on random IO
2.) Failure rates are low and are often predictable
3.) Supports high numbers of reads of media
4.)Much Higher IOPS and much lower latency is observed
5.) Low maintenance is required and power and rack space costs are also less



A.) Cost vs. GB is too high
B.) Reads are considerably faster than writes
C.) High capacity is still unavailable when compared to hard drives




Hard disk drives




1.) Deals with sequential IO much better than random IO
2.) Price vs. GB is less when compared to SSDs
3.) Highest capacity storage is through single disk.





A.) Disk failures require emergency replacement. The only remedy is to include data protection like RAID or erasure encoding
B.) Spinning drives cost money for maintenance, energy, and data center space
C.) Storing data requires constant writes and reads to the media
D.) Performance oriented applications may feel the pinch when hard drives are being employed.

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