How to move away from legacy storage systems?

Data storage world is constantly getting updated with latest technological innovations and this is where enterprises using legacy storage systems are getting obliterated.

With various aspects of storage evolution marching forward (like hyper converged storage, usage of all flash systems, Software Defined Storage, Scale out NAS, data value and data security), it can prove fruitful to consider the other side of adopting innovation cycle, i.e. to identify, manage and decommission legacy storage.

Factually speaking, they are more challenges involved, than what we see during our preliminary investigation.

For example, a large financial organization was under significant pressure to reduce data center power consumption and support costs. An IT analysis proved that their current server and storage resources were consuming a lot of power and cooling costs. On an additional note, they were also being underutilized.

However, the next step of upgrade was not as straightforward as it was thought, and only after careful planning and involvement of budget did the planning of that project met a success end.

  • To start with, abstracting the data layer from the infrastructure was not easy, but progress was made on an application-by-application (or database-by-database) basis.
  • The next challenge was to identify suitable existing platforms with capacity, performance and availability to fit current as well as future requirements.
  • Selecting the appropriate data migration methodology was also complex as there was a plethora of tools available.
  • Last but not the least was to select tools that the organization was most familiar with, as this was critical to success.
  • The process of data migration was also crucial as getting the timing of migration right was essential. This was to ensure that the process took place when there was least business demand on the computing environment.
  • Then it was also essential to revise backup and disaster recovery plans for business continuity in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

So, if you’re company is grappling with current legacy data storage systems, just call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Corporation web page to get a call from expert team.

DNF has IT evaluation specialists whose primary interest is to give you a clear understanding of where you stand and, based on your goals and environment; it provides you an optimized IT roadmap to decommission your legacy storage systems and upgrade to new storage technology.

Note- Legacy Storage Systems is a hardware or software which is still functional, but either outdated or unsupported.



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