Data Centers hit by snowstorm 2016 are shielding their businesses in the following way

Data Centers in East Coast of United States are hit by a massive snow storm 2016 which is said to be the biggest in the region’s history. But all data centers operating in that region have already some effective business continuity plans to keep alive in business.

When we approached some biggest service providers that have data centers in East Coast, they shared their following plans with our blog-

Power backups- Data center resiliency depends a lot on efficient power backups. In preparation for the storm, data center providers go to great lengths to make sure their generators work as they should. They technically verify and make sure that the generators are working perfectly fine. They keep enough fuel for the generators to work for almost 7- to 10 days.

Stock up supplies- Data center staff needs to have basic supplies like food, water, cots and first aid kits to survive in harsh weather conditions. So, DuPont data center managers make sure that they have enough supplies to keep their staff comfortable for a fortnight’s time.

Have more staff than usual- One never know how the situation could be turning in the event of weather catastrophe. So, most of the data centers have staff contingency plans in place for facilities, data center operations, and security staff during disasters. They also pay extra to the staff to ensure thieir availability in such situations.

Keeping customers in loop- Every data center operating in east coast region, sends timely alerts to its customers. This includes what the provider is doing to ensure service continuity in the period and also what level of service can be expected.

Review of emergency action plans- It is always good to review all the emergency action plans well in time. This includes the preparation checklists and keeping the data center personnel informed about contingency plans.

Put vendors on standby- Century Link’s data center managers who are grappling with harsh weather conditions always keep their infrastructure and service vendors on standby. This helps in quick restoration of service if any hardware or software glitch takes place during the event.

Data center roofs are constantly monitored for snow, ice and water- All data center managers closely monitor the roofs of their facilities. Leak diverters and water containment systems are maintained on site for any event. Roof drains are continually monitored and cleaned regularly to prevent ice dams from forming. RagingWire data center staff also stage extra snow shovels at roof areas, mezzanines, and entrances.

Post storm inspection- When the storm is over, it is not the time to relax but is time to see if the storm has done any damage to the facility. DuPont involves in this practice and sees that the impact from the damage is nullified.

So, do not worry guys!


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