Who uses data deduplication and why?

Deduplication (dedup) is nothing but software based automated process of eliminating redundant data in order to reduce storage needs. This storage concept is ideal for highly redundant operations for fast, reliable, and cost effective advanced backup and disaster recovery operations.

How Dedup works?

Deduplication software segments an incoming data stream in an automated way and uniquely identifies those data segments in order to compare the segments with previously stored copies of data. If the segment is unique, it gets stored on disk. But if in case the incoming data segment is duplicate of what already has been stored, a reference is created to it and the segment is moved to trash.

Let us understand it in an easy way with an example. Suppose a file or volume that is backed up every week creates a significant amount of duplicate data. If all this duplicate data gets stored on the disk, then it creates capacity issues. But if the dedup algorithm is applied, it analyzes the data and stores only the unique segments of a file. Thus, by doing so, it can provide an average of 10 to 30 times or even more reduction in storage capacity requirements. This means that companies can store 10TB to 30TB of backup data on 1TB capacity of physical disk, which has huge economic benefits.

Benefits or advantages of deduplication algorithm presence in storage

It eliminates redundant data and so significantly shrinks the requirements of storage to improve bandwidth efficiency.

  • Deduplication helps in lowering storage costs as fewer disks are needed.
  • It improves disaster recovery since there’s far less data to transfer.
  • Backup and archive data usually includes a lot of duplicate data

When same data is stored over and over again, unnecessary storage space on disk or tape is consumed. This also propels power and cooling requirements and bandwidth requirements for replication. Thus, as a result it creates a chain of cost and resource inefficiencies with the organization.

Data Deduplication implementation

Only few storage vendors in the industry offer storage appliances loaded with automated deduplication software.

StoneFly, Inc. which has been serving worldwide storage market for more than a decade offers deduplication algorithm in all its data storage appliances. StoneFusion which is StoneFly’s patented storage software provides optimized data deduplication for increased storage efficiency.

StoneFly’s data deduplication capability allows users to fit 5x to 137x more data (depending on the data mix) within the same storage footprint with minimal impacts to overall performance. Block segmentation optimizes efficiency based on data type.

Independent validation has demonstrated that StoneFly’s deduplication software offers up to 7x data reduction for general purpose environments, and up to 137x data reduction for virtualization images such as those generated by VMware®. This allows users to greatly reduce their storage footprint along with all of the operating expenses involved.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Data Deduplication web page


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