Upwork web servers witness a major outage!

Upwork a global freelancing platform witnessed a major outage on January 28th,2015 evening, disrupting work and services of almost nine million registered freelancers and over four million registered clients. Upwork was formed when Elance and ODesk announced their merger on December 18th, 2013.

The new platform witnessed a service disruption at 5:45Pm (PST) due to which many of its freelancers could not access the website and services. Its Work capturing application also was down for almost 6 hours, approx.

Those who were logged in before 5:45Pm PST were able to work with the application for two hours, after which the application failed to capture any work.

But for those, who were about to start the app to work, it gave a horrible time.

The application was displaying “Could not Connect- Check internet connection” message, despite the fact that the web connectivity of the users was excellent.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook buzzed with the enquiries from the freelances working on different projects. They were eager to know what exactly happened and when will be the services be restored.

Unfortunately, the said outage which was planned for one hour got extended to almost 6 hours. During this tenure, services were either down on a permanent note or were inconsistent. The application failed to capture some of the work modules of the freelancers during this tenure.

The downtime of Upwork or Elance or ODesk was due to some software upgrade to servers.

Many freelancers and clients took to Twitter and complained about the website and services getting randomly disrupted.

The Upwork management was unavailable for comments. But a reliable source, from the management team of Upwork, who liked to be anonymous for reasons, assured that from third week of Feb’16 the service availability of Upwork for the clients and freelancers will be 99.999%.


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