Backblaze has started leasing hard drives!

Backblaze cloud backup service has been hitting news headlines for some odd reasons in recent years. In 2014, the company made news for reviewing the performance of storage industry’s top hard disk drives. Though, a top manufacture praised the company for its analysis, others strongly condemned it and said that the service provider has chosen a wrong path to promote its company services.

At the end of 2015, Backblaze again made its stepping into Google headlines by offering dirt cheap storage backup services, which were cheaper than what cloud services based on tape media were offering.

Now, again the company is back into news headlines for a different reason. All these days the cloud based backup service provider was offering external hard drives loaded with full copy of backed up data. It was charging its users for the drive which are being provided.

But now, the company has revamped the service and has offered to its customers the privilege of sending back the hard drive within 30 days for a full refund.

Though, the customer needs to cover the shipping costs, it will still works out for them on an economic note.

The detail of this service goes on as follows- When a customer needs to download the stored files from Blackblaze cloud platform, they can download it happily for free. But if the customer is suffering with bandwidth issues for downloading large amounts of data, then the service provider loads data onto external hard drives and then ships those drives to the customer premises. All these days, the cost of the drives i.e. $189 was pushed onto the customer.

Now, Backblaze has made a simple change to this policy. If the customer desires to get back the refund, then they can simply ship the drives to the Backblaze premises and can get back the cost of the drive as refund.

Backblaze claims this service as unique among its competitors. Also it has recently made an official announcement that its service has backed up over 200 Petabytes of customer data through its unique storage pod system, and added that it has made over 10 billion data restorations.



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