Get a high end console server for just $220!

Are you interested in buying a high end and secure console server to access routers, switches, firewalls, and other local or remote critical network devices. If that’s the case, then “On Sale Guru” offers Logical Solutions secure console server for just $220

Surprising, but is true!

Logical Solutions SCS 16 Port Secure Console Server 000160 which is available fro $725 in open market is available for just $220 on

Though it is a used networking device, it is in good condition and can help System Administers access and manage multiple serial ports of remote devices in order to change configuration parameters, connect users to restricted ports, collect buffered data and perform a variety of other control related functions.

Logical Solutions SCS 16 Port Secure Console Server can be used to detect and notify invalid access to a server. This not only allows in detecting the invalid access attempts, but can also be used to automatically lock the network port in order to prevent future void access attempts.

This console server also helps admins in writing scripts that are helpful in configuring parameters, manage user accounts, view unit status and send traps to report console server conditions.

It also helps in IP Address filtering and SSHv2 encryption. Direct connect capability for faster access to remote console ports and callback security protects for dial up access.

Device management utility and SNMP control, monitoring and configuration can also be achieved with this Logical Solutions SCS 16 Port Secure Console Server.

To buy this product, you just need to create a username and password, interact with the user selling this product and buy it.

For more details click on Logical Solutions 16 Port Secure Console Server web page link


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