StoneFly offers Cloud Storage appliance!

StoneFly, a pioneer in creating, developing and deploying iSCSI Storage protocol is offering cloud storage appliances named “StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache” for enterprise environments. Thus, with the inclusion of these appliances into enterprise IT environments, businesses can buy and manage less hardware and can make the storage easily available and accessible to users on an universal note.

StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache acts as a hardware Gateway which has SSD based local storage to act as a cache or buffer. Thus, this cloud storage hardware appliance proves much useful in cloud backup and archiving, where local caches can accelerate backup operations and access online data.

StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache is an on-premises Gateway, which sits on the premises, connected on one side to the LAN and on the other to the cloud via internet. It presents cloud storage to enterprise servers as an iSCSI Block, or as File server volumes. It also includes local storage, either to cache hot data locally or to serve as a primary storage tier for certain data specifics such as performance and security. This feature greatly improves read performance and speeds up access to data as the same files do not have to be repeatedly downloaded from the cloud to your local systems, thereby reducing overall demand on bandwidth.

Traditionally, one of the limitations of cloud storage solutions is that data transfer speeds over the Internet are (in most cases) not nearly as fast as data transfer speeds within your local network. This means it normally takes much longer to read and write data to the cloud than it would to a local storage server.

StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway eliminates the above said bottleneck by writing data to cache and restoring that data to the cloud, as soon as bandwidth availability is high- for instance during night time or during non-working office hours.

Note 1– a Cache is nothing but, temporarily storing a copy of data in rapidly accessible storage media, which is local or close to the server and separate from the bulk storage.

Note 2- A data buffer is a memory storage used to store data while it is being moved from one place to another. Here it refers to the movement from on-premises environment to cloud.


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