Microsoft operating data center under sea!

Data centers are trying their best to go green and here comes the latest example. Microsoft, the American software giant is seriously looking at the option of locating data centers under sea. The company recently hinted that it has already attained success with its pilot project on this note.

As per our sources, Microsoft has started testing underwater data centers, since 2014, with an eye to reduce data latency for many users who live close to the sea and also to enable rapid deployment of a data center.

After examining the white paper submitted by former Navy Submarine and present Microsoft employee Sean James, the software giant started a pilot project in mid 2014.

The company first built a prototype vessel, named the Leona Philpot after an Xbox game character, and operated it on a sea floor about 1 kilometer from the Pacific Coast of the US from August to November 2015.

The subsea data center experiment called Project Natick- named after a town in Massachusetts; is in the research stage and Microsoft warns it is “still early days” to evaluate whether the concept could be adopted by the company and other cloud service providers.

No matter, what the project yields, the world is appreciating the move of Microsoft on a true note.

“Kudos to Microsoft for indulging in such go green concepts, which not only fulfill its ongoing quest of devising cloud data center solutions that offer rapid provisioning, lower costs and high responsiveness. But also allows the project to be more environmentally sustainable”, said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of Dynamic Network Factory, a company which provides Data Center Infrastructure.

Mr. Mo added that undersea data centers help because they can serve 50% of people who live within 200 kilometers from the ocean. It offers the data center running in deepwater access to cooling, renewable power sources and a controlled environment. Moreover, the best part is such deployment can be finished in 90 days.

After testing it for a couple of months, Microsoft has recently updated in its blog that it is targeting the lifespan of the data center to be at least 20 years. After that it will be salvaged and recycled. Additionally, Microsoft is also considering a deployment cycle of 5 years each. After the said period, the data center would be retrieved, reloaded with new computers and redeployed.

Microsoft desires to extend the trial to early next year and wants to build similar data centers near Florida or in Northern Europe.

As Microsoft’s pilot project of setting up a data center under sea water has succeeded, the next move of the Windows giant will be to couple the data center with a turbine or a tidal energy system to generate electricity.

Going green is the latest trend in the field of technology and Facebook and Apple are also busy doing the same.

Very recently, Apple announced that by 2019, it plans to make all its data centers run on wind energy which saves the electronic giant from using non-renewable sources to generate power.

In a similar fashion, Facebook also built a data center in Lulea-Sweden which runs in icy cold temperatures. This would help the social media giant help cut the energy required for cooling and can save a lot in operational costs.

According to sources, a proposed data center of Facebook, being built on Clonee-Ireland, will rely heavily on locally available wind energy.

Google also is testing a data center built in Hamina in Finland which uses sea water from the Bay of Finland for cooling.

That’s incredible……..isn’t it?


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