All about Yahoo new look and its job cuts!

Yahoo launched a new look filled home page early this week, with an intention to stay on top of what is going on in the world, and on the rest of the planet. As a part of this move, Yahoo has updated its website and added new features for its Yahoo Mail application for Android and iOS.

From customer’s perspective, the changes will help them find news, video, content etc all in one place without having to open multiple tabs on a browser by scrolling through related stories online. There’s a ‘heart’ icon and on clicking it, users can find additional related stories below each article. As users continue to use the services, they will get streamlined as per each user’s choice……similar to what Google does. Users can also post comments directly in line on a particular story and avoid the usual log-in menace.

Coming to Yahoo Mail Application for iOS and Android, Yahoo has rebooted some new features like custom swipes, folders, action notifications, etc. In the iOS application, yahoo users can use swipe gestures to customize for a particular action like say marking move to folder, archive etc. Users will find swipe option in the settings folder.

The new iOS app will show all recently received attachments such as photos or documents, so that a user can easily add them to another mail. There is also a search bar to help find any older attachments. Yahoo mail on iOS now lets users create folders, subfolders which can be renamed, deleted and can also allow creation of sub folders by long pressing on any of their existing folders.

Now, coming to the news of “Yahoo Job Cuts”, here are some facts. The internet juggernaut will cut 15 percent of its workforce and close some of its online services. This accounts to 1600 job cuts on a worldwide note.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer is planning to double down on search, mail, and tumbler in hope of attracting new users, and at the same time close some digital magazines as well as services like Games and Smart TV.

After the job cuts, Yahoo will have the workforce of 9,000 employees, which is 40% smaller than it was in 2012 i.e at the time the new lady CEO took the position.

Thus, the goal with the Job cuts is to save $400 million from Yahoo expenses by the end of 2016. Also the company is looking to sell off “non-strategic assets” that it said could raise a $1 billion in cash.

Yahoo announced the news along with its earnings for the forth quarter. Revenue was virtually unchanged year over year at $1.3 billion, but profit fell sharply, from $166 million to a loss of $4.4 billion in 4Q of 2015. Revenue before Mrs. Mayer joining the company i.e. in 2011 was $1.1 billion.

After leaving Google and joining Yahoo in 2012, Mayer spent heavily on numerous acquisitions, including that of Tumbler and on hiring star power like the news presenter Katie Couric who now serves as a “Yahoo! Global News Anchor”. But nothing worked in its favor till date.

Yet, Marissa Mayer is confident that Yahoo will witness a modest and accelerating growth in 2017 and 2018…..hope so!




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