Use StoneFly CDR365 backup to banish privacy concerns

Data growth is getting directly proportional to business growth and companies facing this daunting truth are also realizing the fact that without data, they have no business. This is where cloud based backups have fundamentally emerged as secure, cost effective and reliable alternative to portable media, such as tape.

Nevertheless, there is a bit of apprehensiveness in the minds of those using these services and that’s due to security and privacy concerns.

This is where StoneFly CDR365 provides seamless and secure backup to cloud with utmost security and encryption. The said cloud based backup service protects data at every stage of backup transaction. With AES source side encryption, user data can be protected from unauthorized access with up to 256 bit strong keys even before it is transmitted to the cloud.

The Secure Socket Layer creates a secure and encrypted connection between backup server and user’s web browser allowing private information to be transmitted without concerns such as eavesdropping, data tampering or message forgery.

Additionally, users can opt for data encryption at rest in the data center.

To more about StoneFly CDR365 call 510.265.1616


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