For Virtualization and Consolidation needs approach DNF Corporation

Companies looking to consolidate or virtualize their data center environments will definitely need expertise help in doing so. As this move needs decommissioning old hardware to run in apps on new, more energy-efficient multicore systems, it’s not an easy task to jump in readily.

A lot of planning needs to be done before you see the benefits of implementation and this is where DNF Corporation helps you achieve resiliency. The company is a VMware certified partner. It has adept VMware certified engineers to help you install and configure the best hardware and software.

Technically speaking, VMware can be an overwhelming experience to get started. Deploying it involves embracing and accepting the concept of “Virtualization,” and which can be quite difficult unless you have experience with virtual machines. DNF team will help users accelerate and jumpstart their deployment and migration plan.

For consolidation needs of your company’s IT environment, DNF professional team will help you sort through the latest innovations in IT, storage, and server consolidation. They help in evaluating and rationalizing resources. This means to calculate whether or not consolidation will provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in the end.

DNF will help companies identify and deploy the right technology in their environments by teaming up with the firm’s staff to validate and understand the factors that contribute to the cost of maintaining servers and storage, and how sprawling could be avoided by consolidating resources.

Get rendezvous by calling 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Corp web page




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