Using Fan walls for data center cooling!

Companies are getting busy in making their data centers green and Equinix is one such company which stands tall among them. The said company which is into collocation and interconnection business is all set to try something new these days. It is planning to start deploying fan walls in its current and future data centers.

The company has already experimented with concrete slab floors integrated with over head cooling. A couple of years back, it also tried a hand on raised floor cooling in some of its facilities.

Now, Equinix is all set to mimic what Facebook is practicing in its Lulea, Sweden facility. The company is all set to install fan walls with which the entire chilly air from outside will be sucked into the facility to cool the servers.

By doing so Equinix can save overhead duct work or venting under the raised floor and it leaves more room for equipment, since the need for air conditioning units on the data center floor gets eliminated.

The other most intriguing benefit will be reduction in cooling costs and that is what Green computing means, where saving power is equal to saving renewable sources.

The only drawback in using fan walls is that it can only be used in single storey or two storey facilities.

Equinix engineers have designed a basic architecture where the outside walls will have cooling solutions and the inside will have fan installations. There will be a five-to-six-foot plenum between the two walls that will be filled with cold air. Though, the concept looks similar to that of Facebook, it has some changes in practical

The company is yet to disclose more on this new cooling architecture.

So, more details are awaited!


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