How can hyper convergence help IP video surveillance environments?

Companies need to be future-ready when it comes to enterprise data storage and that can be achieved, when they surpass all the IT challenges, while tuning IT performance according to workload needs.

One such enterprise IT field which needs to get disciplined is video surveillance. According to IHS, the surveillance industry will generate about 850 Petabytes of data per day. Therefore, all IT departments in future have to face the challenge of capture, storing, and protect all the surveillance data.

Hyper Convergence, which leverages servers, storage, hypervisor and intelligent hardware agnostic software, can help in tackling this problem as it facilitates in scaling storage and compute along with addition of extra nodes.

Therefore, for companies looking to scale, hyper converged infrastructure proves as the best option that can provide flexibility to choose the amount of node density they need. Additionally, they offer the privilege of operational agility to deploy resources more rapidly. Also it helps businesses to simplify how they allocate storage and computing together.

For large surveillance environments, where IT departments need to process data streams from hundreds or thousands of cameras, it can turn quite challenging. The admin usually doesn’t know where the data is going to come from or which camera is going to generate more data when. So, having a single pool of storage that can be shared across all the application servers becomes very crucial.

This is where storage utilization becomes much more efficient, as effectively all of the cameras have access to all of the storage resources.

The key to being a future-ready organization is embracing a strategy of flexibility and choice to improve business outcomes. Companies like DNF Security provide this end-to-end flexibility with Hyper Converged solutions.

IT environments like educational institutions can consolidate servers and storage together and scale capacity as budgets with hyper converged solutions. It enables schools to deploy technology related to modern high-end video surveillance, so that data can be centralized or shared across multiple facilities and shared among law enforcement and first responders.

Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of DNS Security says that traditional server and storage deployments, can only offer companies get the size of their initial storage deployment right. But a decision maker should also focus on futuristic needs of a business such as computer power, memory and storage capacity.

Mr. Mo adds that companies have to find a balance between under sizing and over sizing when purchasing storage. And this is where hyper-converged systems reduce the risk with their scale out capabilities, offering a less disruptive way to add capacity as deployments grow.

DNF Security offers high-end video-surveillance technology which allows data from multiple facilities to be centralized, so that it can be shared with law enforcement and first responders, said Mo.

Getting into specifications, DNF Security Hyper Converged Unified Storage and Server appliance allows businesses to consolidate all their video management server and storage system needs into one easy to manage appliances. Additionally, leveraging of virtualized operating systems allows complete hardware utilization and considerably reduces in power/cooling costs.

USS flexibility replaces the “fixed hardware model” of the past with on-demand resource allocation (such as CPU, memory, storage, etc.) based on user’s application needs.

To know more click on DNF Security Hyper Converged appliances for video surveillance environments or call 510.265.1122

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