Big Data Projects are on rise in US says survey!

Big Data projects are on the rise in United States and this was confirmed by the latest survey conducted by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) a nonprofit organization.

CompTIA surveyed 402 US business and IT professionals online in September and October 2015 to support its Big Data Insights and opportunities.  It found that 51 percent of respondents reported having a big data project in place today and another 36 percent reported they were in the project planning stage.

The survey also confirmed that a really high number of companies were seeing benefit out of it by utilizing data correctly in today’s business environment.

A significant number of respondents i.e. 31 percent said they are exactly where they want to be in managing and using data. But the sentiments varied depending on the respondent’s position in the company hierarchy. Only six percent of business unit workers felt their organizations were where it needed to be with regards to data usage, compared with 42 percent of executives and 31 percent of IT employees.

In all, 75 percent of companies agreed their business could be stronger if they could harness all their data — a percentage that has remained consistent across multiple years of this study. Further, 75 percent of companies said they should be more aware of data privacy issues, and 73 percent felt they need better real-time analysis.

The survey cited a number of factors for the increased importance of data and the reasons are as follows-

  • 63 percent rely on data for day-to-day operations
  • 61 percent cited sensitivity around data privacy
  • 60 percent use data to better understand customers
  • 59 percent rely on data to measure business objectives
  • 56 percent say they store data outside the company

CompTIA survey concluded that through improved enhanced data management and analysis, companies can make better/faster decisions and reduce costs/overhead by making strategic objectives for big data gains.

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