Mozilla to release last OS version of Firefox to smart phones

Mozilla has finally announced that its next version of 2.6 Firefox OS will be the last operating system to release from its stable. The company also added that it’s going to end life support for smart phones after the new version of OS gets released. This clearly states that FireFox OS for smart phones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May of this year.

On an additional note, Mozilla home for applications designed for devices running on Firefox OS, Firefox for Android, or Firefox for desktop will stop accepting submissions for Android, Desktop and Tablets from March 29th, 2016. This means that after the said date, Mozilla will remove all the applications which don’t support Firefox OS.

Way back in 2012, Firefox OS was designed as an alternative operating system for mobile devices. But the market was already dominated by Android OS by then and so the former struggled hard to get a foothold.

Therefore, only a handful of companies offered the OS loaded on their smart phones. The first was ZTE open, which was originally launched in Spain in 2013.

After gaining a little bit of good talk, the company decided to offer Firefox loaded smart TVs in last May. At the end of December 2015, the company revealed that FireFox OS will be powering new Panasonic UHD TVs. Also at the same time, it revealed that it plans to offer Firefox OS tablets, routers, smart TV sticks, and RaspBerry Pi keyboards.

Mozilla says that its plan to retire from smart phone OS market is confirmed, while its intentions to venture into smart TVs market are still strong.

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