Beware of this WhatsApp scam!

WhatsApp which is helping billions of its users to stay connected with their loved ones is hit with a malware scam. According to The Independent, a link appears to be coming from a friend, but leads users to a discount page instead. The page then asks the users for personal details and unsuspecting users are then led to a fake website which infects the phone with malware, allowing the scammer to obtain sensitive info like photos, videos, contacts, emails and chats from the phone.

According to the news source, the new WhatsApp malware has the capability to speak several languages so the attacks can be customized for each market.

David Emm, Principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, WhatsApp is acting like a hub to various scams from the past few months. After Facebook, hackers and malware spreaders are now focusing on “WhatsApp” platform as it is a hit all around the world.

With more than a billion users and more than 42 billion messages exchanged around the world daily, WhatsApp can now be seen as a green pasture for scammers and has been hit my many such security lapses.

For instance, last year, when WhatsApp was testing the calling feature and it wasn’t rolled out officially, there were fake messages circulating, inviting users to try the new feature and that ended up filling the phone with dangerous malware.

So, watch out guys!


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