Meet the quad core 4.2 GHZ, 64GB RAM and 5TB SSD RAID 10 laptop!

Canada based Eurocom Corporation has developed a new laptop which operates on quad core 4.2 GHZ and has a 64GB RAM along with a 5TB SSD RAID 10 support. Eurocom’s Sky X9W is loaded with Intel Core i7 6700K capable of operating at 4.2 GHZ.

It is packed with 64GB of DDR4-2133, 2400 or 2666 RAM and has four NVME SSDs slots for entertain. This laptop has a 17.3 inches 4K screen at 3840×2160 and weighs around 4.8 kilograms with battery.

Eurocom Sky X9W has a single USB C port, a pair of mini display ports capable of driving four monitors, an HDMI outlet, five USB 3.0 ports and a pair of RJ45s and a Wi-Fi.

The price of Eurocom Sky X9W starts from USD $2930 and could reach $4309.

To more about specifications please click on the following Eurocom link


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