Microsoft has launched a new Windows 10 website for security!

Microsoft has recently launched a new Windows 10 Security platform to combat the latest virus and malware threats being faced by its Win 10 users. The software giant has mentioned all the aspects related to the latest Windows 10 Security platform on its new business website.

The company has made significant architectural changes to incorporate latest security parameters. Microsoft is in thinking that the new website will not only protect all windows 10 users, but will also keep the latest and potential threats away.

The latest Windows 10 Security Platform of Microsoft offers the following features-

  • It offers device integrity, where UEFI secure boot feature helps in maintaining the integrity of the system firmware and OS from power on to power off.
  • Cryptographic processing feature in Win 10 offers a TPM as a means to verify that device integrity and security capabilities from UEFI, Trusted Boot, and other features are in their desired state and have not been tampered with. This helps users when their systems are affected with malware or are in a process of hacks.
  • Virtualization- Hardware based security and isolation are central in the news OS as Windows 10 VBS offers Device Guard and Credential Guard features which can greatly deter malware, hack tools and breaches.
  • Biometric Sensors- Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport features are present on Microsoft Windows 10. These enterprise-grade technologies provide strong multifactor authentication capabilities that are similar to smartcards, but are more flexible in their ability to take advantage of fingerprint, facial, and iris-based biometric technologies.

Last week, some news sources rumored that this will only assist business users. But in its latest update, Microsoft has disclosed that the new website meant for Windows 10 security is for all users of the new OS.


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