StoneFly offers backup software and hardware in one box!

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers backup appliances comprising backup application preloaded onto a hardware device with in-built storage media.

Traditionally, IT organizations have put together their own backup solutions using a backup application, a server and target media. Although, this method provides greatest level of flexibility, it requires staff members to have in-depth knowledge of hardware components and backup software.

This is where StoneFly backup appliances qualify as best for organizations which don’t have dedicated storage teams. These appliances are specifically designed for backup traffic and make the best use of memory, processor and I/O resources.

Remember, not all hardware backup products available in market can be classed as backup appliances. Some products out there are simply disk storage arrays that integrate with common backup software.

However, StoneFly Z series and M series of appliances offer data backups in the following way-

  • Vaulting- StoneFly Z series and M series of appliances are being offered with effective backup strategy where users can encompass on-site and off-site backups through removable media.
  • Security/Encryption- In any backup scenario, encryption is important and that includes media vaulted off-site. StoneFly offers removable media encryption to industry standard protocols and strength.
  • Connectivity and Throughput- Backups will run only as fast as network connectivity allows. Therefore, StoneFly offers fast connectivity and multiple connections measured in throughput figures of Terabytes.
  • Management- The key feature in an efficient backup appliance is simplified management. StoneFly Z series of backup appliances are being offered with Web based Management GUIs that remove the need to deploy software locally.
  • Data Deduplication- StoneFly offers data deduplication feature in all its backup appliances. Thus, it helps in identifying and removing duplicates after a backup is completed.
  • Branch to core consolidation- In organizations that have branch offices with dedicated IT equipment, backups can be deployed effectively using StoneFly backup appliance. As an additional security measure, those backups can also be replicated to a main or core data center. Such centralization of backups provides greater resiliency and security compared with off-site media vaulting.

Getting further deep into the specs, StoneFly Z series backup appliances are available as DR16Z and DR24Z appliance nodes which can be scaled up to 1 Petabytes of backup storage capacity. Every node can accommodate any combination of SATA, SAS and SSD storage tiers as required, achieving the performance needed for your requirements.

Z-Series appliances are available in integrated or modular configurations. An optional embedded hypervisor allows backed up VMs to be spun up directly on the Z-Series appliance.

The backup engine automatically creates backup images of physical servers based on flexible user-defined policy. These images can be restored (bare metal recovery) to the same hardware, to dissimilar hardware to build a new server, or can be mounted as a drive to retrieve an earlier copy of a specific file, folder, etc.

Every backup can also automatically be converted into a Virtual Machine. These Virtual Machines can then be quickly spun up and hosted on the Z-Series appliance (hypervisor upgrade required). This feature is quite useful for business continuity planning in user’s production environment if a physical server or workstation goes down and needs to be repaired. Replica Virtual Machines can also be used for testing and this includes non-invasive compliance testing.

For just basic backup needs with all the above said 6 features, users can go for M series of StoneFly backup appliances. The only thing these appliances do not have is scale up and scale out expansion features and have no embedded hypervisor to spin physical backups into virtual machines.

The top most highlight is that all the data stored on StoneFly backup appliances can be replicated to Microsoft Azure Public Cloud for advanced disaster recovery.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Back appliance comparison chart to choose the best for your needs.

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