Data centers in 2016 are looking for Hybrid Flash and Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Server infrastructure is said to revolutionize the way enterprises are going to address IT in 2016. As data centers are adapting to converged systems and software based infrastructure, companies are making sure that they are going with the best, when it comes to the ever changing technology environments.

According to IDC, data centers will look for more hybrid flash and hyper converged infrastructure in 2016. As the cost of hybrid flash is gradually decreasing, companies of all shapes and sizes will try their best to make most of this technology trend. This is where IT admins or decision makers in enterprises will feel the pressure to optimize the flash for their own data center.

On an additional note, to stay ahead and keep up with the momentum, enterprises must ensure that they are deploying flexible and adaptable solutions. Also the IT industry will also undergo changes to reflect the rise of hybrid flash as a serious competitor in data centers.

Apart from hybrid flash, IDC has also predicted the following technical trends to watch out for in coming twelve months.

Getting utmost value will be top priority- As costs continue to grow and budgets continue to shrink, IT professionals will surely look out for ways to seek better value across the board. For storage, IT professionals will try their best to utilize the cost reductions that hybrid flash provides with storage tiering and thin provisioning for better long term total cost of ownership. For 2016, IT professionals will seek better efficiency within storage to get more value for their investments.

Flash will get into mainstream- With the availability of varied flash options along with tiered optimized costs; data centers in 2016 will witness more flash adoptions than ever. So, wider audiences, such as the small and medium business markets will see flash implementation.

All flash consolidation- As hybrid flash market continues to grow; the industry will witness the consolidation of flash only companies. The all-flash companies will either be acquired by large storage vendors, or will drop their business on a permanent note. Therefore, by the end of 3Q of 2016, Hybrid flash will become the new darling on the storage block, and will continue to rule the roost.

Software defined storage will become mainstay- In today’s world; the perspective of users has changed on how they acquire and use IT services. Therefore, IT administrators are under constant pressure to make IT infrastructure more nimble to adapt to these business demands and changes. Therefore, in order to stand out of competition and stay close to the demand, businesses will see storage vendors adding new solution capabilities and delivering new architectures and deployment models focused on SDS that will drive the design of next generation storage systems. Mainly, data center operators will try to unite the traditional approach with the new approach to storage in 2016.

Hyper Converged infrastructure- Hyper Convergence in storage field has changed the way people approach technology. Over the past few years IT budgets have continued to shrink, forcing IT admins to look for ways to cut costs. This is where server, storage, virtualization and networking features packed inside a single and easy to manage box shows its prominence. So, in the year 2016, data centers will see a full fledged adoption of these technological advances in their environments. Furthermore, as the storage market succeeds in creating more awareness about hyper converged appliances, it will see vendors getting ready to offer these innovations at competitive prices.

Therefore, hyper convergence which first hit the early adopters will now hit the broad contenders. More vendors and customers will start investing in this year, adding to the overall growth in the data centre marketplace.


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