VMware to focus on Network Virtualization!

VMware, the leader in virtualization business is all set to focus on Network Virtualization field from this year. CEO Patrick P. Gelsinger told attendees at Goldman Sachs Conference that after conquering the world of storage, VMware is all set offer virtualized networking tools to the market.

As a part of this preparation, the company is planning to pool networking resources like hardware, routers and switches and configure and manage it as needed with software. So, basically the highlight in these products will be the intelligence of software, which will help in integrating all hardware components in working together.

Gelsinger said at the San Francisco held conference that ESX is the company’s basic and hugely successful ESX hypervisor, which happens to be the foundation of VMware’s vSphere server virtualization franchise.

“And pretty soon NSX will be the next ESX” said Gelsinger. He added that his company’s goal will be to double NSX customer accounts by next year.

At the conference of Goldman Sachs this week, Pat Gelsinger reiterated what he said on the recent VMware earnings call, which is that NSX will run on multiple clouds including Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure, “not just VMware based cloud”

But according to industry analysts, VMware is under tremendous pressure of showing that its new products can make up for declining sales of its legacy cash cows. It has to be notified over here that in 2012, VMware acquired network virtualization pioneer Nicira for $1.05 billion. Now, the company has to show something positive out of its acquisition to its parent company EMC. And as a part of a business strategy, VMware is all set to focus on network virtualization field from now on.

Note- All the media attendees who took part in the Goldman Sachs conference of VMware were asked not to question anything about EMC and Dell acquisition. Gelsinger particularly ordered his staff that he is not comfortable with such questions anymore.


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