VMware VSAN gains deduplication and QoS Hyper Convergence features

VMware has induced deduplication and QoS Hyper Convergence features into its two year old Virtual SAN (VSAN) appliance. The company made an announcement yesterday that it has released a major update to the platform that enables IT administrators to optimize flash storage capacity and deliver predictable performance to their business applications.

The newly released VMware VSAN 6.2 is being offered with deduplication and compression techniques which help in cutting down the storage capacity needs to half.

Also, for enterprise environments looking for Quality of Service (QOS) capabilities to monitor and manage precisely, VSAN of VMware has been tucked with the feature of QOS. Therefore, storage administrators can keep a track of I/O operations per second consumed by each virtual machine and tune their VSAN environments accordingly.

On data protection front erasure coding, enabling a 2x increase in usable storage capacity while safeguarding critical data is available in new VSAN.

The highlight of the new product release is that the said fourth generation software can improve x86 based hyper converged infrastructure storage efficiency by up to 10x and drive all-flash storage costs to as low as $1 per usable gigabyte.

VMware also announced that its VSAN was sold to more than 3k customers in just 21 months. This shows, how software based storage has penetrated into the storage market.

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2016. Prices will start at $2,495 per CPU while Virtual SAN for desktop will list at $50 per user.



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