Get an Intel Xeon Processor for just $25 instead of $100!

For those who like to build their own computing systems, here’s a great offer to relish! Get an Intel Xeon Processor for just $25 instead of $60 available on eBay. This dual core processor has a clock speed of 3 GHZ and has a L2 cache of 4MB. So, for basic gaming and computing needs, you can use this silicon chip.

Intel’s dual-core technology combines two independent processors and their respective caches onto a single processor chip. This helps increase system performance so the processor can simultaneously handle multiple threads at a faster rate, helping to reduce lag time when running more than one application.

Also this fully functional “Used” 5160 processor from Intel has a 64-bit instruction set and can work on a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 32 or 64-bit operating system.

To view Youtube videos and for all your basic application needs such as MS Office, this processor loaded PC can deliver services as per your expectations. If you want to watch High Definition videos, Intel Xeon processor can serve you better.

Also Intel Xeon Processor 5160 offered on will help in making 64 bit computing for large workloads simple. Users working on data intensive applications like large excel spread sheets can also use this processor for their needs. But remember, for a processor to work well with large data sets, a good support from Random Access Memory is also needed. So, go for a memory which is above 4GB when you’re building your system with this chip.

To see the processor visually and have a chat with the seller just click on the following link of OnSaleGuru



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