Predictive maintenance can curb data center downtime!

Data centers have turned as lifelines to businesses and from a recent study it was revealed that an average US consumer spends roughly around six hours a day online. So, under these circumstances, if a data center goes down, it can negatively impact the future of a whole business.

According to an Uptime Institute survey, organizations loose an average of $138,000 for one hour of downtime. To put this in perspective, Amazon stands to lose $1,104 per every second is down. The survey also revealed that 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week, which could lead to a loss of $46 million in labor costs annually.

Therefore, if downtime is bringing in so much trouble to a data center, then data center admins should hunt for ways to curb the number of downtimes at first and then start finding ways to minimize their impact.

The Uptime Institute’s study has revealed that most of the data centers downtimes are either caused by human errors or by cyber crime. Natural Disasters or flaws within the data center infrastructure also may turn disastrous.

Given the costs of downtime, datacenters need to implement a more modern maintenance strategy. However, many of these server farms rely on spreadsheets or on pen and paper to track each piece of equipment, essentially adopting a reactive approach to upkeep. As a result, occasional downtimes can head deep and lead to more frequent downtimes.

This is where, the saying “Prevention is better than Cure” comes true.

One of the most basic approaches to avoid downtime is to go for calendar based maintenance. By having the maintenance teams schedule an upgrade, monitoring upkeep on a weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on the machine, most of the downtimes in number can be cut down. This approach prevents downtime and ultimately cuts costs by using the typical lifespan of each piece of machinery to anticipate usual wear and tear and fix any issues before bigger problems arise.

As a part of this planning, big data centers are going with a predictive approach to data center downtimes. In this strategy, a computerize maintenance management system (CMMS) is used to monitor machine components before they break down. Thus, it helps in preparing work orders to address issues that arise outside of regular calendar based maintenance. In data centers, where uninterrupted service is critical, a computerize maintenance management system offers a clear benefit by showing the actual condition of each machine rather than an assumption based on a schedule or historical data.

So, by going with this approach i.e. fixing issues before they occur will be exponentially more cost effective.

As the market for CMMS vendors is turning ripe, modern CMMS vendors are also offering cloud based applications. Thus, these applications complete regular audits and necessary certifications to ensure that all data stored is safe and secure as cyber security continues to cause issues.

Want to have such vendor services in your enterprise data center environment?

Approach DNF Corporation, which helps data center admins manage the infrastructure operations in a smart way. As DNF is in partnership with the best CMMS vendors in the market, depending on the size of the organization and nature of business, DNF will help in bringing the best software intelligence into the environment.

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