StoneFly offers cloud based Scale Out NAS?

Cloud Storage is getting a lot of attention from enterprise IT world and for this reason a cloud based Scale Out NAS is being offered by StoneFly Cloud Drive. Businesses can grow capacity by adding nodes without loosing performance. With the StoneFly Cloud Drive with Scale Out you can expand one or more volumes across multiple StoneFly Cloud Drives and Azure blobs using no metadata and a single namespace.

Performance increases as new StoneFly Cloud Drive nodes are added. Best of all, users can manage multiple Cloud Drive nodes with just a single user interface. Each time the StoneFly Cloud Drive is scaled out, it adds more capacity, more throughput, and more concurrency.

And coming to installation, management and scaling is simple to achieve at any size. User needs to pay for the capacity they use and not for the raw capacity provided.

StoneFly Cloud based scale out NAS

StoneFly cloud based scale out NAS allows-

  • Enterprise users to share files with single access point across data storage locations.
  • It can act as a near-line storage for cold data which has to be online. Like past year financial transaction records of a bank.
  • Users can store any amount of data irrespective of the content which they are hosting. They can host audio files, video files, photographs, etc. It is good for those offering regular news updates like Reditt and Daily Mail.
  • Users can get high performance storage for bandwidth intensive applications like weather prediction, oil and has exploration.
  • StoneFly cloud based scale out NAS offers centralized storage as a service to enterprise applications.
  • This cloud based scale out NAS can act as a backup target and archive for off-site data protection.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly cloud based Scale Out NAS


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