DNF Security can easily solve video evidence retention demands of security agencies!

Police officers working on highway patrols and law enforcement are on a sincere hunt for video storage solutions that can quench their organizations growing data storage needs. With laws such as body worn cameras and in-car dash cam deployments being implemented in police departments on a stringent note, the need for high capacities of data storage for storage as well as archival needs has grown to many folds across North America.

Generally, as per the rules prevailing in North America, video evidence captured by police and armed forces, should be retained for 2-7 years. The retention time varies as per the application needs and can increase for surveillance applications in Prison environments.

Therefore, if the security agencies start recording videos from all sorts of devices such as body worn cameras, in-car dash cams and security cameras in prisons, the data generated will deluge the data centers of law enforcement organizations within no time.

Under these circumstances, the law enforcement forces have to retain all the frequently accessed data on their servers and must move the warm or cold data to a secure repository which is accessible on demand.

This is where DNF Security SAN and NAS appliances can help in supporting the video storage needs of security agencies. These solutions are highly scalable, have high performance ability and offer data protection features. DNF security SAN+NAS storage solutions can be integrated with the in-house storage solutions of law enforcement.

If the Fed agencies want to upgrade to a DNF Security SAN and NAS, they can setup the solution in premises and migrate all the data to the new product. As this storage serves as block storage and file storage, the agency can use it as an internal storage which offers storage for its security and administrative staff. Also as this storage has the ability to serve as file storage, any authorized user can get the access to the storage for sharing files.

If in case, police departments want to integrate their NVRs and video servers with these appliances, then it can act a consolidated database which can be used for video analytics algorithms such as face detection, number plate tracking down and so on…. By doing so, the cops on duty can have all the data of automobiles on hand. Just if they type in the number, the file storage will serve the details via web interface.

Advanced built-in features include snapshot, synchronous replication, and thin provisioning.

Optional upgrades include data deduplication for storage space savings, asynchronous replication, encryption, and FC SAN target.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security web page

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