Seagate offers 7 mm 2TB hard drives!

Seagate Technology has released a 7mm hard drive with 2 Terabytes of storage capacity. This hard drive which just has two platters is being exclusively offered to laptop manufacturers.

Till date, the standard hard drive available in the market was 9mm in thickness. But the latest slim release from Seagate will offer the privilege to laptop makers to further reduce the thickness of Ultrabooks.

Seagate Mobile HDD offers self encrypting drive and FIPS 140-2 SED models that are available in the same 7mm design. The drive uses a standard SATA 6Gbps interface, which allows it to be integrated into existing laptop designs and portable computer upgrades.

As per the specs available to our media, the drive will have maximum I/O data transfer rate of 600 megabytes per second and will entertain maximum sustainable transfer rate of 100MB/s.

More details are awaited!

Note- On the other hand, in early 2015 Western Digital announced that its planning to offer a HDD which has just 5mm thickness by the end of 2016. So, competition is driving hard drive makers to shrink the size of hard drives to astonishing levels, and who knows pretty soon, we may see a HDD in the size of a credit card or even to a memory card.



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