StoneFly StoneFusion operating system offers Tiered Storage!

StoneFly, Inc. a Silicon Valley based data storage company offers IP SAN, Hyper converged and NAS appliances which are software driven by the company’s patented StoneFusion operating system. Hence, users using a StoneFly StoneFusion OS driven appliance can achieve better business results from tiered storage architecture by maximizing productivity return from every solid state drive or hard drive they invest on.

As said above, StoneFusion operating system acts as a pioneer in offering tiered storage. The software ensures that all incoming writes go to the fastest drive available in the array. Thus, users can witness that their more frequently accessed data (Hot data) is available on a SSD and the rest of the data is redistributed in the background to a more economical solution i.e. SAS or SATA Hard Drives.

StoneFusion ensures that it responds to growth and changing workloads to ensure user’s investment continues to pay off over time. Moreover, with StoneFusion onboard, users can get a flexible hybrid storage solution which automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier and RAID level. This not only eases the job of storage admin, but also helps in weeding out human errors causing downtime, when all such activities are conducted on a manual note.

Therefore, StoneFly a wholly owned business unit of Dynamic Network Factory has made its StoneFusion network operating system the foundation of all StoneFly SAN, Scale Out and Hyper Converged product lines.

With StoneFusion loaded storage appliances, SAN management will be at the finger tips. It not only offers tiered storage, but also offers the privilege of disaster recovery and fault tolerance, SAN based backup and Host Independent HTML based management.

StoneFusion also allows administrators to designate which physical storage devices are accessible to individual hosts. This helps in keeping the data of different departments (like manufacturing, IT, administration, Engineering, sales, and marketing) isolated from each other.

Remember, all-flash is not for all application needs and is not an affordable solution to everyone. And this is where a hybrid appliance having SSD, SAS and SATA disks driven by‘Automated Tiered Storage’ architecture proves its prominence.

Call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFusion Operating System web page

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