Data deluge from military drones can be contained!

Drone usage in US military operations has increased in recent times and their usage benefits were clearly visible. Especially when US took on Afghanistan for a political cause, Air Force drones collected nearly three times as much video over Afghanistan and Iraq last year as in 2007- which when viewed continuously could take 24 years for a person.

Though the collected data might prove as a burden to IT budgets, if gone in to the right hands and with proper implementation of analytics can offer a pay-back. In this process, one of the top officials from US Military have admitted that all the archives of video collected by the drones will be analyzed by its active teams to find out any kind of patterns of insurgent activity over time. It is estimated that a large portion of info from the stored video has been retrieved already for such intelligence purposes.

However, with the participation of drones increasing in the federal operations, agencies are finding it hard to contain such massive amounts of data and then to smartly utilize it in future operations.

The above said data storage menace commencing drones is not only being countered by United States alone, but is predicted to exist in other nations military zones. According to a study made by International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in early 2015, military authorities all around the world are finding it difficult to contain the data from drones.

IISS has also identified that 56 different types of UAVs are being used in 11 different countries.

The US is the most open about its drone stocks. The IISS data shows that is has at least 678 drones in service, of 18 different types. Some 14 of them are identified as ‘heavy’, and includes UAVs such as the MQ-1B Predator, of which it has over 100.

Other countries drone list is as follows and was offered by IISS

Military Drones stocks by Country

Country & service Type Weight Number Notes
USA-Army IGnat Heavy 3  
USA Army RQ-5A Hunter Heavy 20  
USA Army MQ-1C Grey Eagle Heavy 19 Includes Warriors or Sky warriors
USA-Army RQ-7A Shadow Medium 236  
USA-Navy MQ-8B Fire Scout Heavy 5  
USA-Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk Heavy 4 BAMS Demonstrators
USA-Navy RQ-2B Pioneer Medium 35  
USA Marines RQ-7B Shadow Medium 32  
USA Marine Reserves RQ-7B Shadow Medium 4  
USA Air Force MQ-1B Predator Heavy 101  
USA Airforce MQ-9Reaper Heavy 73  
USA Airforce RQ-4B Global Hawk Heavy 23  
USA Airforce RQ-170 Sentinel Heavy 1+  
USA Air National Guard MQ-1B Predator Heavy 42  
USA Air National Guard MQ-9 Reaper Heavy 14  
USA Army SOCOM CQ-10 Snowgoose Heavy 28  
USA Air Force SOCOM MQ-1B Predator Heavy 29  
USA Air Force SOCOM MQ-9 Reaper Heavy 10  
France-Army Sperwer Medium 20 SDTI
France-Air Force Harfang Heavy 3  
Germany-Army KZO Medium 6  
Germany-Air Force Heron Heavy 3  
Italy-Air Force RQ-1B Predator Heavy 5  
Turkey-Army Falcon 600 Heavy  
Turkey-Army Firebee Heavy  
Turkey-Army CL-89 Medium  
Turkey-Army Gnat medium  
Turkey-Air Force Heron Heavy 10  
Turkey-Air Force Gnat 750 Medium 18  
UK Army Hermes 450 Medium  
UK Army Watchkeeper Medium  
UK Airforce MQ-9 Reaper Heavy 5~10  
Russia Army Tu-143 Reys Heavy  
Russian Army Tu-243 Reys/Reys D Heavy  
Russia Army Tu 300 Korshun Heavy  
China Army BZK-005 Heavy  
China Army WZ-5 Heavy  
China Army ASN -105 Medium  
China Army ASN 206 Medium  
China Army ASN-104 Medium  
China Army WZ50    
China Army WZ-6    
China Airforce CH-1 Chang Hong Heavy  
China Airforce Firebee Heavy  
India-Army Nishant Medium 14  
Indian Army Searcher MKI/II Medium 12  
Indian Navy Heron Heavy 4  
Indian Navy Searcher MK II Medium 8  
India Air Force Searcher MK II Medium  
Iran army Mohajer IV Medium  
Israel Air Force Hermes 450 Medium  
Israel Air Force Heron Heavy  
Israel Air Force Heron-TP Heavy 4  
Israel Air Force RQ-5A Hunter Heavy  
Israel Air Force Searcher MK II Medium 28  

As today’s defense industrial base is under pressure from data deluge of drones, DNF is here to help.

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.(DNF) has been a supplier of rugged and extreme environment IT systems for nearly two decades. The company’s hardware and expertise have been used in threat detection & recognition systems, Deployed command & control systems for naval defense, information warfare technology, and advanced countermeasure systems.

DNF Defense offers NAS appliances which are available in 2TB and 15TB capacities. The drone data can be securely stored on these appliances for reviewing later or for applying analytics. The Apache-FX 300 Rugged NAS Appliance incorporates storage capacities of 3,000GB (3TB) with the latest RAID technologies. High performance features include quad-core processors, High-Speed System Cache (Up to 16GB), and dual 10/100/1000 copper gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

The company offered Rugged NAS/IP SAN/Server Converged Architecture Platforms are MIL-STD-810F Compliant Appliances specifically designed for harsh shipboard, airborne, or land-based applications. These easy-to deploy, and high performance systems come with all aluminum construction, shock and vibration resistance, and offer superior cooling and EMI/EMC™ (Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility) Performance.

So, you can deploy DNF Defense Apache NAS appliances in bunkers, mid range tankers, military based range rovers and at central monitoring stations which monitor borders, seaports, and air intrusion control stations based on ships and Submarines.

Call 510.265.1122 or click on the following link to have DNF Defense specialist call you.


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