Microsoft Azure looses Virtual Machine Backups!

Microsoft Azure, touted as one of the largest cloud service provider faced a major hiccup yesterday. The company lost some of its virtual machine backups added to its backup service early this month.

As per the details available to the media, Microsoft failed to spin up virtual machine backups to its Azure Backup Service customers in between 4:40Am to 17:36PM on Feb-17, 2016. In the process the backups which were created before Feb 7th this year were lost from the old backup vaults.

But as per the latest update from Microsoft, here’s good news as well. Microsoft says that the issue is now resolved and the 9 hour downtime was caused due to a minor glitch. Due to the entry of wrong value to a property, the users of Azure cloud could not find their virtual backups for existing backup vaults.

As soon as the glitch was understood, Azure admins updated the property with the correct value which made the discoveries successful.

When it comes to cloud downtime, Microsoft isn’t the only company which makes its users suffer. For example, in the year 2014, Google endured a 21 hour outage after a case sensitive variable name was incorrectly entered and has also experienced an outage caused by forgetting to apply a patch to all servers.

So, Microsoft users’ recent cloud hiccup experience was one of the many which small operational and configuration errors take down major clouds.

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