Use DNF Security Fanless PCs for in-vehicle surveillance applications!

Sometimes in some cases, we need to install spy cameras on temporary basis to monitor the activity of subject/s. If the need arises, then these cameras need to be Wi-Fi, so that they can send the captured video evidence to a in-vehicle central monitoring station.

Usually, this type of arrangements is seen in movies like “True Lies” where due to some circumstances, the protagonist need to keep an eye on his better half.

So, how can we capture all this video from the security spy camera to the in-vehicle central monitoring station?

DNF security provides fanless series of PCs which are extremely powerful to streamline all such content. These fanless PCs have 3rd-Gen i7/i5 processors, High speed DDR3 memory and Enterprise class hard drives to offer extraordinary computing power, fanless architecture and reliable operation in various environments that require a small footprint system.

The user needs to set up an LED TV, connect the monitor to the DNF Security fanless PC through RS 32 serial port to USB interface and then start processing the events video streamed from the spy cameras via a wireless internet resource.

This arrangement not only fits into smaller footprint, but can cope with industrial, inaccessible and harsh outdoor environments as well. As the computing system is completely fanless server, its operation is extremely quite along with excellent heat dissipation.

DNF Security Fanless PCs are loaded with a Windows 7 Professional operating system which is one of the most reliable OSes released by Microsoft.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Fanless PCs


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