NSA Utah data center is hit by 300 million cyber attacks per day

US National Security Agency operates a 1.5 billion worth data center which is hit by 300 million cyber attacks per day, says report. This was revealed on KUTV–a Salt Lake City TV station, yesterday.

Earlier, the data center reported that it only witnessed around 25,000 to 80,000 attacks per day. But as the media started to expose more about the functions of UTAH data center, this attracted the attention of cyber attacks on daily basis.

Keith Squires, UTAH Commissioner of Public Safety who disclosed that facts on TV yesterday, added that the attacks are not only traced back to other countries, but are involving local attention too.

But no worries! NSA has built its UTAH data center in such a way that no cyber attack/intrusion can harm it as it operates an unbreakable encryption strategy on data stored and on fly, apart from usual AES 256.



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